My name is Priscilla, founder of The Juniper Creative.

I enjoy creating beautiful pieces of art, many of which have been featured in local Austin galleries and have been sold around the globe. My marketing journey started by earning a Bachelor of Arts in advertising and building my career in corporate marketing. What started as a side hustle as content creation consultant, freelancer, social strategy planner, digital strategist, and an influencer/content creator on TikTok (follow me @PSLATX), formed into helping dozens of businesses nationwide.

The Juniper Creative offers pre-set templates in Notion, a free digital planner, creating content and building a secure social media marketing foundation for many businesses. It’s overwhelming to keep up with social media while trying to run a business, after mastering the art of marketing, I designed a pre-set planner to guide you on your social strategy and content creation. This planner will help any business owner take control of their marketing content; sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get it started. I’m currently creating content for different industries. Right now, you can find access to content for Realtors only, but I am currently creating content for other industries and hope to launch by January 2023.

I provide content and social strategy, so you can focus on what you love the most, real estate! This marketing framework is designed around the power of story.

Marketing needs to be customer-centric. How are you going to help your clients live a better life?

This marketing content focuses on how your client is the hero and how you will guide them to success. Maintaining this mindset will help you find success in your business.

Thank you for your continued support.




With 88,000 followers on Tiktok, featured in local Austin art galleries and now making my way through affiliate marketing, partnering with brands, and now publishing content for others to grow their business!

87,000 Followers on TikTok

Creating content is a passion of mine! I’m honored to have so many followers and supporters on social media.

Artisan Shows

Featuring my art in local art galleries in Austin, TX to booths at a winery! Looking forward to many more.

Trendy Fashion / Tasty food

Providing ideas on what affordable fall fashion ideas I recommend and my latest foodie recipes